KDU builds its politics on the Christian Democratic ideology, where the Christian view on man and society forms the basis. A Christian view on man implies that each human being has an infinite value, which is not possible to measure, and which is not dependent on sex, ethnical origin, age or other differences between humans. The view on man constitutes the origin of the three basic values in a Christian Democracy: the Value of Man, Love for your Fellow Neighbour and Stewardship of Nature.

The Value of Man tells us that all human beings are created with the same inviolable value. Human beings have some inviolable rights from conception to natural death. Each human being has a unique intrinsic value, and this excludes any exploitation which makes human beings solely a goal for other’s gain.

Love for your Fellow Neighbour is based on the view that all human beings have the same infinate value. This implies a radical and unlimited solidarity with our fellow human beings. A society which recognizes the equal value of all human beings  cannot be passive when others are suffering.   

The Stewardship of nature implies that the resources of the earth should be handled in the best interest of both present and future generations. Human beings should not extend the limits set by nature, but instead take care of the nature and  share its gifts in accordance with the view that all human beings have the same intrinsic value.


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Jackie Damkjær Hansen

International secretary